About Us

Bosco's Biscuits has been in business baking your dogs biscuits since 1990. We created our dog bakery on the belief of a great need for a healthier alternative to manufactured packaged treats.  Bosco was our German Shorthair Pointer who survived the trauma of bloat as a puppy.  The veterinarian, who miraculously saved his life, suggested I cook his food for him.  As a result Bosco's all natural gourmet treats were created.  Bosco thrived on the biscuits for his entire life along with his roommates Simba, Magic, Sadie, and Bogart.  For ten years we sold Bosco's biscuits by the pound at outdoor markets all over the tri-state area of New Jersey.  In 2001 we opened our first retail pet bakery in Cave Creek, AZ.  In 2006 we expanded to Carefree, AZ where we have added all natural, healthy products of dog and cat food.  

At Bosco's Biscuits our philosophy is to offer your pets the opportunity to eat food with only healthy ingredients.  "Your pet is what you feed them!"